How to write a Thank You to the buyer of your project animal
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4-H Buyer Thank You Tutorial

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A well crafted thank you letter can be a thing of beauty! Just like writing a nice buyer marketing letter is important so is thanking the buyer once they have purchased your animal. At our auction local businesses and community members spend thousands and thousands of dollars buying the kid’s project animals. Not to mention the trophies, belt buckles, and extra incentives. They deserve a nice thank you!

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The basic outline should be:

– Greeting:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Smith, or Dear Local Business,

– Thank you:

Thank them for their generosity and support

  •  I want to thank you for buying my hog at the auction and for supporting the 4-H program.
  •  Thank you for purchasing the Grand Champion Rabbit trophy…
  •  I really appreciate your generosity in buying my goat. Thank you!

– Information on what was learned during the animal project:

Tell them what you enjoyed learning

  • I learned all about pig nutrition this year.
  • This year I learned how to groom my goat all by myself.

– How they grew as a person or what 4-H means to them

  • 4-H has been so much fun because of the new friends I’ve met.
  • I’ve had many opportunities to lead this year at 4-H meetings.
  • 4-H has taught me about working hard this summer.

– What they plan on doing with the money

  • I plan to put the money from the sale of my hog into my college fund.
  • I am going to use the money to buy a good breeding doe for my new herd.
4-H Buyer Thank You Tutorial. How to write the best thank you note for your market animal buyer.

– Thanks

  • Thanks again for buying my goat at auction!
  • I really do appreciate your support!

– Closing

  • Thanks, Sincerely, Yours Truly

Here are two examples:

Which letter would you rather receive? 

For more tips and how to guides check out my post “4-H Program|An Overview”.

Now comes the challenging part of having your child actually write the thank you note. 

I am going to try something new this year. In our goat project we are going to have the members practice writing the notes. Our county 4-H leader gave us permission to write our notes ahead of time and just plug in the buyers name after the auction. 

In past years the kid’s thank you cards were due on Sunday at the end of fair. It was agonizing trying to get them to write a good note. By the time Sunday rolled around they were exhausted and just wanted to have fun with their friends. More than one of their thank you cards had teardrop marks on them (anyone else or is that just my kids?). 

A side note:

I recently was shocked when I found out my kids didn’t know how to address an envelope. Even the 15-year-old! After all, they’ve been writing Thank Yous since they could put pen to paper. 

I’ve always addressed the envelopes for them because it was easier that way. It never dawned on me that by doing it myself I was keeping them from learning how. I know they cover writing letters in school but when the kids don’t put into practice what they learn they forget how to do it. So I am making them address their own envelopes now. I guess the kids are not the only ones who are still learning!

Good luck selling your project animal!

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How to write the "Thank You" your buyer deserves. 4-H auction.
4-H Buyer Thank You Tutorial. How to write the best thank you note for your market animal buyer.

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